All of our stock is play graded & marked according to hearing inspections before actual listing.  All records are professionally cleaned (if necessary) using "Nitty Gritty" & "VPI" machines.  All records are carefully packed for safe and secure arrival.

  • Competitive MP3/CD-R archival options
  • 24/48-hour customer service response
  • Bulk items may receive discounts
  • USA delivery confirm included / Int. low custom values
  • Secure international shipping w/proper stiffeners
  • All stock treated and prepared with utmost care
  • Reasonable offers welcomed on rare items.
  • We want your vinyl experience to be a joy!

Your order can be transferred to MP3 or CD-R!

Now your order can be archived to MP3 (320k bit) or a CD-R.  This is a new option we're offering to customers who wish for a MP3/CD-R along with their purchase.  All recordings are done via high end tables i.e., Technics 1200, 1700, SP-10, SM-AL1.  All done by analog means: Berwin-Research Filter, Aphex Aural Exciter if needed.

Audio Transfers / Vinyl Restorations

We have over 30 years of experience in restoring vinyl records, acetates, 78 rpm discs and other various phonograph types.  We have full options to archive your record or tape to MP3 or CD-R copy.  With this option we can make your dirty disc sound closer to new.  This is ideal for Radio Programmers, DJ's or Club Jocks who use the new MP3 mixing tools.  We're currently set up for all types except cylinders, 8-Track and micro tapes. 
Restorations require special attention and often take some time to complete.  Contact us if you have mediums other than those listed and we will explore options for you.  Get the very best transfer of sound available and really send your barnyard into orbit!  

Please inquire regarding your needs!